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Who We Are

Our company was formally founded as a personal commerce and small industry business in 1973, in the village of Arachova, as a continuation of an other company founded in 1955, one of the first greek popular art shops dedicated to the foreigner tourists in Greece. Before 1955, there was mainly only production activity of handicrafts as rugs, woolen capes, traditional costumes and embroideries by family members, for the local market. By the 90’s our company had expaded and our facilities in the village of Arachova where to small to house it, also in the village we started to have a very intense parking problem due to the small roads and the increasing of traffic. So in 1994  it was decided to transform our business in an Anonym Society (S.A.) with the name of DEFKALION S.A., and to build new facilities (1.800 m2 of buildings with 7.000m2 of parking and rest area) at the settlement of Zemeno, 6km out of the village on the National Road to Levadeia and Athens, that we use till today. 

The village of Arachova and the area around it is famous about the handicrafts and traditional gastronomy products that locals produce. Some of the procucts are the red wine, the varieties of cheese, traditional sweets, olive oil, olive soap, fur and leather garments, fur and leather accessories, parchment and religious art. All these products are mentioned in the area since very remote times. The raw materials of all products are local too, the wool and leather from the lambs on the Parnassus mountain, cotton from the Kopais Boeotia plain etc.

In our facilities you can find a shop where we offer most of the local products and also worshops where you can see artesans producing olive oil soaps, rugs and t-shirts. Very soon we will have also workshops of mosaics, jewellery and leather garments. Also there is a large parking to stop without problem for all the time needed and numerous WCs for the needs of our customers.